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Swedish Relaxation Massage

Long smooth gloding strokes to increase blood flow, release tension, and soothe the body & mind.


Massage specific areas of hands & feet to release tension in different organs & areas of the body.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage affectis the deeper layers of muscles in the body helping them release tension.


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Jim's Touch Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy - The Antidote to Stress!

How Massage Helps:

Relaxation Response - The relaxation response is literally the opposite effect of the stress response, bringing the body back to normal function known as homeostasis. The endocrine and autonomic nervous sytems activate bodily changes resulting in a "sigh of release" - slower heart rate, deeper breathing, with increased circulation and better digestion. The long, smooth stroking movements of Swedish Sensual Massage are known to trigger the relxaction response.

Physical Release - Chronic stress often leaves muscular tension, trigger points, and poor circulation. These problems respond well to the traditional techniques of Deep Tissue Massage, as well as other forms of bodywork.

Mental Release - Massage can be considered a short term release from stress - a brief get-away from life and its daily challenges. During a massage you experience a peaceful state and allow yourself permission to relax. Research has confirmed that massage for relaxation reduces anxiety and increases feelings of well-being.

Healthy Pleasure - The benefits of therapies which involve touch have been highly praised. Because it is a sensory pleasurable experience, relaxation massage contributes to a healthier immune system and general healthy well-being.